Rebbetzen Daphna Singer
Mrs Daphna Singer

Rabbi Singer holds regular Shiurim on a wide range of subjects.  On a Shabbos during the summer months, a shiur is normally held 45 minutes before Mincha (times are on the front page of this site), and then on a different subject immediately after Mincha.  In addition Rabbi Singer holds Shiurim at his home during the week, times can be obtained from the Shul office.

Mrs Daphna Singer, again during the summer months, holds a Ladies Shiur on Shabbos at 6pm at her home.  A wide range of varied and interesting subjects are discussed.  In addition Mrs Singer arranges regular "Lunch and Learn" meetings, normally held at Maccabi.  Again, contact the Shul office for more details.

Bury & Whitefield Jewish Primary School

The school was founded in 1984 as a direct response to the growing need of parents who had used the shul Nursery. The pupils are mainly from the immediate vicinity of Sunnybank, Unsworth and Whitefield. There is a close relationship between the school and the Shul because of its origins and many pupils attend the Shul on a regular basis.


The Seed programme has been running very successfully at the shul every Tuesday after Maariv for a number of years now. There are currently about a dozen men and women who are given one on one learning on subjects of their own choosing.

Tape and Book Library

The Shul has a comprehensive Sedra and Yom Tov Tape Library which are available in the Beis Hamedresh. These tapes have been recorded from a Ladies Shiur given weekly by Rabbi Kupetz. If any member wishes to borrow a tape, please contact Rabbi Singer.  The Beis Hamedresh also has an extensive library, again if you wish to borrow a book, please ask the Rabbi or contact the office.

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