The internet contains thousands of websites of Jewish interest. Listed below are just a few which may be of interest.

Magen David Adom UK
Magen David Adom UK plays a vital support role for MDA in Israel. Since its foundation in 1949, it has helped to fund a range of development projects including the building of new casualty stations, the supply of ambulances and specialist Mobile Intensive Care Units and other medical supplies.


The most famous 'portal' site is Maven which contains categorised links to just about everything you ever wanted to know about Judaism, Israel, Judaica... So check it out.
go to Maven

The premier Jewish genealogy site on the Web. Find your family friends and long lost relatives. Discover lost communities. Upload your own family tree.
go to JewishGen

Homepage of one of the world's largest Jewish organisations. If you can't find it here, you just ain't looking.
go to Chabad

The Jerusalem Post
Read today's latest news from Israel + archive material.
go to Jerusalem Post

The Kosher Net
Just what it says. A major Jewish portal site.
go to The Kosher Net

Shema Yisrael
Another major Jewish portal for education and enlightenment.
go to ShemaYisrael

Jewish and Israeli software, news and links.
go to Davka

Ben Gurion Airport
Watch the planes come and go. Arrival and departure times and flight status.
go to Ben Gurion

Virtual Jerusalem
Portal to Jerusalem, Israel and all things Jewish. A must see site.
go to Virtual Jerusalem

Aish HaTorah's Window on The Wall
Take a fantastic voyage of discovery to the Kotel and explore over 2000 years of history. Visit the tunnels behind and below the Temple Mount. Listen to a commentary.
go to The Wall
The latest UK Jewish Portal site.
Another UK Jewish Portal site. Well designed and informative, certainly worth a look.
Britain's only regional Jewish newspaper with separate editions for MANCHESTER, LEEDS, LIVERPOOL & GLASGOW carrying the most up to date Jewish news and features.
A virtual encyclopaedia of Manchester in the third millenium with links to all shuls in the region
A Jewish business directory
If you have any sites you want to share with others, e-mail the webmaster.


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