The shul counts amongst its numbers a former Mayor of Bury, the Chairman of Manchester City Council, professionals of many disciplines, war veterans, entrepreneurs, and many other remarkable and interesting people.

Rabbi Singer was appointed to his current post in 1985. The whole Singer family, including the Rebbetzen, Daphna, and their five children have all, over the years, contributed significantly to the life of the shul and the community in general.

Born in London he studied for semicha at the Kollel in Beersheva, Israel. Rabbi Singer quips: "four of my children were born in Beersheva and my youngest, Mendy, in Jericho." -   actually he was born in Fairfield Hospital, Bury which happens to be, somewhat ironically, in an area known as "Jericho."

When asked about his experiences in Israel, Rabbi Singer replied "I spent a lot of time in prison." Pause for effect. "Making visits to inmates," he adds. He also made many visits to army camps to help soldiers have access to tefillin and provide general spiritual support.

Rabbi Singer
leads a very busy life as Jewish chaplain for the Bury General Hospital and as a member of the educational committee of Bury & Whitefield Primary School where he is a frequent visitor.

Rabbi Singer
is also a teacher and when not at Bury shul, he can be found in front of a classroom in Broughton Park. He also contributes as a 'partner' to the Seed programme at the shul.


Chazan Weinstock's rich baritone voice has been a feature of most of our Shabbas and Yom Tov services for over 30 years. On the 10th August 2013, coinciding with his birthday, our beloved Chazan "retired" from regular duty and will now take it easy although we will hear from him for Kabbolas Shabbos and on special occasions.  A great buffet kiddush was held in his honour on that day.

Chazan Modi Spitzer joined us in 2012 and is now part of the regular team.  Modi is from Prestwich and is married with one son.  Modi davens for the shul approximately one in two Shabbosim and also on Chagim and Yomim Tovim.  As of August 2013, Modi shares his duties with our latest addition to the team - Rabbi Yanky Prijs.  Rabbi Prijs hails from Whitefield and has been a part of our Yom Tov team for a number of years.  Rabbi Prijs has now obtained a more permanent position at the United Synagogue on Meade Hill Road but we are delighted he will continue to daven for us when he can. Between Chazan Spitzer, Rabbi Prijs
, assistance from Rabbi Singer and other guest chazzanim, our Shul has a great team!


Merle Wilson Merle Wilson retired on the 17th September 2014 after 25 years of service as our co-administrator and we thank her for many years of hard work, commitment and support.  Merle was formerly a member of the shul and was active on the Ladies Guild and all aspects of shul life. Her husband, Steve, is a past president.

Our administrator Michael Rappaport continues to serve in the office.

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