On September 10th 2000, 10th Ellul 5760 the Shul dedicated a new Sefer Torah in memory of the Shul's esteemed warden Sol Weinstock.

The day began at 2.00pm at the Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School. Seats were laid out and a table set up on the stage.  The new Sefer arrived and there followed an informal but moving and very joyous procedure of the completion of the Sefer in front of the assembled congregation.  After a brief opening welcome from head teacher Mr Lewis, Rabbi Singer called up in groups those who would have the honour of having a letter written in their merit.

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Headteacher Mr Lewis opens proceedings The Executive, Maurice  Bernstein, Barry Goldstone & Neville Singer (hidden) The Weinstock Family - Maurice, Merton Spencer and Chazan Kenny

Rabbi Schreibhand completed each letter as the various honourees looked on. Every man and child in the room was afforded this great mitzvah.

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Nick Rose & Family Brian Gaus, Jonathan and Bernard Kohn with  Nathan Cook Rabbi Singer helps to complete the Sefer

Many Rabbonim and community leaders attended and the day was honoured by the presence of Rev. David Grunsfeld, former minister of the Shul, whom had flown specially from Israel for the occasion.

When the ink had dried and the Sefer bound and covered, a procession formed with the new Sefer carried under a chuppah. The procession set out along Sunnybank Road escorted by a police car and  Harvey Rose lead the procession in his car from which appropriate music was played. Several yeshivah students sang and danced ahead of the chuppah. Two hundred people walked slowly up the hill much to the amazement and bemusement of local residents. The Ladies Guild held torches whilst the men took it in turns to carry the Sefer and hold the chuppah.

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The procession sets out up Sunnybank Road Rabbi Schneebalg Barry Goldstone Andy Weinberg Maurice and Kenny Weinstock

The procession eventually turned down Hathaway Road and stopped momentarily outside the former home of Sol Weinstock; a poignant and moving tribute to the man who had inspired the project just over a year before.

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Raymond Isaacson Raymond Perrin Ronnie Gonshaw Former President Steve Wilson Yisroel Singer leades the children in the dancing

When the Sefer reached the shul, there were seven hakofot followed by speeches from Barry Goldstone, chairman of the Sefer Torah committee, Rabbi Singer and David Grunsfeld. This was followed by Minchah.

A reception and a wonderful dinner followed with  speeches from Rabbi Kupetz, Chazan Weinstock and the late Rev Leslie Olsberg to complete what was a truly memorable day.  The Sefer is in regular use in the Shul on Shabbos.


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