Thought for the day

Dear Friends,

As we prepare to celebrate the last days of Pesach still locked in, we remember our ancestors who were trapped between the pursuing Egyptian army and the Reed Sea. The hail of arrows and stones were terrifying and many people were prepared to surrender and return to Egypt. Despite their miraculous Exodus they despaired and lost hope in their future as a free people. Others were had such a sinking feeling they felt their lives had no value and were going to drown themselves in the sea. Some felt that they should fight the Egyptians and others wanted to pray to Hashem for help.

Of course Moshe Rabbeinu told them that they were all wrong and G-d was going to fight for them – all they needed to do was travel on to Mt Sinai to receive the Torah. Miraculously the sea split and they passed through on dry land as their enemies drowned. This occurred on the 7th day of Pesach and is the reason for this Yom Tov celebrating this miracle and reliving their joy and song of thanks afterwards.

Today we are trapped and people are reacting differently. Some despair and some give in, others retreat from reality and some even become violent…

The answer now as then is that they are all wrong. G-d has this in hand, He is in charge and all we need to do is to place our trust in Him. The last day of Pesach is connected to Moshiach as we see in the Haftorah and the beautiful custom to eat a special meal – Moshiach’s Seudah at the end of the festival. Stay calm and positive, be confident and not only will your immune system be stronger, you will actually be helping to bring the Redemption!

Sadly, we cannot go to shul, so please say Yizkor at home as printed in the machzor and do join in our communal Zoom Yizkor on Sunday evening.

I should like to wish a long life to all those about to start shiva after Yom Tov and invite you to join in our evening Zoom services.

Good Yom Tov to you all and only Good News and Good Health, Best Wishes

Home Rabbi