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8th June 2016
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Winning the lottery and becoming a millionaire would be fantastic.  Think of all the things you could do.  Well it's a long shot to say the least and we can dream about it.  But there is another way of becoming just as rich and that is to support the Shul minyan and become a "Minyanaire".

In common with many other Shuls, our Minyan is suffering and we need every member who to assist.  Even if you only can commit to once a week or even once a fortnight, and a few people do the same, it all helps.  We are open three mornings a week, Shabbos and every evening.  Where can you get so much for so little?  So help the Minyan - please

Our Shul. Bury Hebrew Congregation serves the communities of Sunnybank, Unsworth, Hollins and Blackford Bridge.  We are located at the corner of Manchester Road and Sunnybank Road in a purpose built building comprising of the main Shul, Bes Hamedresh, reception room, large function hall and fully fitted kitchens. 
Events. Our Shul is a busy building and plays host to several organisations including
Bury 21st Brownies
Mens Discussion Group
Ladies Seed
Manchester Jewish Soccer League
Jewish Theatre Company (JTC)
League of Jewish Women
Simchas in the "Sunnybank Suite"
We welcome new membership applications whether you are already part of our community or a newcomer to the area. Please contact the office for details.

Mon 6th Jun 7.00  am
Thu 9th Jun 7.00 am
Sun to Thu
7.30 pm
Erev Shabbos
7.30 pm
Shabbos 11th June
Shacharis 9.30 am
Mincha 6 pm
Maariv after Shabbos - at Higher Prestwich
Shabbos Times

Shabbos Shacharis is 9.30 am until further notice
Maariv is held 15 minutes AFTER Shabbos terminates at Higher Prestwich

Bury Hebrew Cong.
Sunnybank Road
0161 796 5062