Pesach Timetable 5784


We have included Mincha and Maariv services on Erev Day 1, Day 1, Erev Day 7, Day 7 and Day 8 (NOT Day 2 due to timing).  We have also arranged Shacharis on Monday 22nd for Fast of the First Born.

Please can you make every effort to support these minyanim and to allow us to definitely be assured of a minyan, please let the office know if you are intending to come along.   

Fast of First Born – Mon 22nd April, 14th Nissan

Fast begins 3.45 am

Shacharis – 8.00 am followed by Siyum

Eat chometz until 10.00 am

Burn chometz until 11.34 am

Mincha and Maariv – 7.30 pm

Yom Tov starts 8.08 pm

Seder – start after 9.03 pm

Pesach 1 – Tue 23rd April, 15th Nissan, TAL

Shacharis 9.30 am

Mincha and Maariv – 7.30 pm

Seder – start after 9.25 pm

Pesach 2 begins 9.21 pm

Pesach 2 – Wed 24th April, 16th Nissan, Start counting the Omer

Shacharis 9.30 am 

Yom Tov terminates 9.23 pm

Thursday 25th April, Choel Hamoed, 17th Nissan

Mincha and Maariv, 7.30 pm

Friday 26th April, Chol Hamoed, 18th Nissan

Mincha, Kabbolas Shabbos and Maariv – 7.30 pm

Shabbos Chol Hamoed, Sat 27th April, 17th Nissan

Shacharis 9.30 am

Mincha – 6 pm at Rabbi’s house

Shabbos terminates 9.30 pm

Sunday 28th April, 20th Nissan – Erev Yomtov

Mincha and Maariv – 7.30 pm

Yomtov commences 8.19 pm

Mon 29th April – 21st Nissan, Pesach 7

Shacharis 9.30 am

Mincha and Maariv – 7.30 pm

7th day ends 9.34 pm

Tue 30th April – 22nd Nissan, Pesach 8

Shacharis 9.30 am – Yizkor

Mincha followed by Moshiach Seudah and Maariv – 7.30 pm

Yom Tov terminates 9.36 pm