Succot Timetable 5784

Thu 28th September

Maariv only 7.30pm

Fri 29th September

Mincha, Kabbalas Shabbos, Maariv – 6.36pm

Commencement of Shabbos and Succot – 6.36pm

Shabbos 30th September – 15th Tishrei

Shacharis 9.30am

Kiddush in Succah after service

Mincha IN SHUL – 6.30pm


Maariv – 7.20pm

Sunday 1st October – 16th Tishrei

Shacharis 9.30am

Mincha IN SHUL – 6.30pm

Maariv – 7.20pm

Yom Tov terminates 7.35pm

Thu 5th October – Choel Hamoed

Maariv ONLY –  7.30pm

Fri 6th October

Mincha, Kabbalas Shabbos, Maariv – 6.19pm

Shabbos 7th October, 22nd Tishrei – Shemini Atzeret, Geshem, Yizkor

Shacharis 9.30m

MIncha IN SHUL – 6.15pm

Motzei Shabbos 7th October – start of Simchas Torah

Shabbos terminates and Simchas Torah commences – 7.21pm

Maariv – 7.10pm

Followed by Hakofos

Sunday 8th October – 23rd Tishrei – Simchas Torah

Shacharis – 9.30am


Simchas Torah party (pre-booked) – after service

Mincha – after party

Yom Tov ends – 7.18pm

Maariv- 7.30pm