The North Manchester Social and Political Discussion Group

The Group meets every Tuesday morning at Bury Synagogue with a regular attendance of 30 plus members.

We discuss the general topics of the day and try to set the world to rights. Of course we never succeed in this aim as most of the world’s problems are insoluble, but it does lead to much lively and occasionally heated debate, always kept well in place by Chairman Henry Fenton and ably assisted by Treasurer/Secretary Brian Myer (with stand-in assistance from Steve Airley and Mel Gerson when required). We occasionally entertain a guest speaker and have had visits from very interesting Members of Parliament (both sitting and prospective), Judges, Council Officials, authors and others and we have an ongoing programme of occasional speakers.

Members pay £2 weekly (should that be weakly?!) for a cup of tea or coffee and a kichel or two at the break. All funds after deductions for minor expenses go to various local and national charities and in the 5 years since inception we have proudly given away nearly £10,000 to date. This is purely from the members £2 weekly subscription, so many congratulations to all our members.

There is a small WAITING LIST for prospective members as entry is currently closed due to the numbers involved. We will add your name to the waiting list if you are interested in joining us.